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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) review

Posted : 7 years, 10 months ago on 1 June 2016 10:49 (A review of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016))

In the Batman vs Superman Dawn of justice the fight between batman and superman isn't long, but brutal and it ends with Batman winning ...until he suffered a heart attack! How that happens?
Batman is wearing his strongest armor which make him more brutal and manly. Batman and Superman brought hell upon each other. Superman slowly realized that he was getting weaker, as Batman was able to not only stop man of steel's punches but was able to make him bleed. Superman slowly realized that the suit was the reason that's making him weak and so with all his strength he started ripping off the suit from Batman, like ripping off a knight’s pieces of steel armour.
Without his suit, Superman will squeeze him to death like an insect and every blow that Batman took, he could feel his bones breaking in pieces, he knew he didn't have much time and there was only one thing left for him to do. So Batman basically start pummelling Superman into the ground and stomp him bad, crushing his face under his hobnailed heavy boot sole. Batman, wearing his heavily armored suit, including those spiked boots that will help Batman crush Superman’s perfect face. An engineered killer’s boot, stepping on Superman’s face, forever pinned down under the boot of Batman. After a brutal and intense fight for both the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, Batman holds Superman down with his spiked boot at his throat. It's an iconic scene straight out of The Dark Knight Returns and it feels just as intense as hell! Superman's face was torn by horrible slashes, and part of his upper lip was gone. ... out with the heel of Batman’s boot The Dark Knight with his left foot placed upon the throat of Superman , Batman's cowl is damaged, exposing half of his face, and his teeth are gritted as he looks down on the Man of Steel. A tall muscular Batman, (6’6” in boots) In order to face Superman on a more equal level, Batman will don that Dark Knight Returns-inspired armor, but it’s going to take more than a giant boot to the face to beat the Man of Steel. Batman apply his big, spike-layered boots to Superman’s throat. Batman is kicking Superman in the jaw with his spiked boot!

Too much tension needs to explode. This supernatural battle, this epic collision is tensed muscle. Batman takes down Superman with a boot to the face and his hands wrapped around Superman’s neck – it’s a climax, like an orgasm!There’s a clear sexual tension between Superman and Batman, two alpha males fighting for manly warrior supremacy.
Superman was then utterly crushed by Batman, who viciously attacked him with all his might. With Superman bleeding profusely from his mouth, Batman grabs him by the throat and with the weakened Superman in his grasps, Batman delivers the Alpha Male Statement: “I want you to remember, Clark, … In your most private moments … I want you to remember my hand at your throat. I want you to remember the one man who beat you.”
But at that moment, Batman has a heart attack and dies!!! Batman, after years of planning and intense workout, gets his ribs broke, his leather suit torn to shreds, suffers a heart attack, and ends up in the ground!!

Why Batman died from heart attack? When a man gets an erection this causes more blood to flow, allowing his penis to grow. Batman scrotum becomes tighter, and his testicles are drawn up towards the body. His testicles continue to rise inside that thick armoured suit and heart rate increases, blood pressure rises, breathing becomes quicker, and his thighs and buttocks tighten. He's getting close to orgasm, and produce drops of pre-ejaculate, soaking that black leather groin. A series of contractions start in the pelvic muscles, and they are part of orgasm, Batman reaches a point where if he stops ejaculation from happening he can have a heart stroke. Heart rate goes up uncontrollably, temperature goes up uncontrollably, sweat dripping from those powerful muscles encased by the armor leather. The equivalent would be taking a car and putting the gas pedal all the way to the floor and just leaving it there and eventually the engine revving so fast that it blows apart. Excitement can trigger heart attacks, cardiac arrest and strokes. Body reacts to excitement by releasing the hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline. However, too much adrenaline and noradrenaline can be dangerous to the heart, brain and other organs. Orgasm or a too long period of excitation can trigger fatal heart attacks from huge surges of adrenalin in the blood. All this and the feeling of having eventually Superman at his mercy… killed the mighty Batman

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The Punisher review

Posted : 8 years, 2 months ago on 1 February 2016 06:36 (A review of The Punisher)

Punisher: Rest In Pieces
Frank Castle is a bloodthirsty vigilante, athletic fighter highly trained in infiltration into heavily guarded enemy territories and structures for the purpose of assassination, capture, and military intelligence. Also, he is trained in various forms of camouflage and stealth. He is also highly adept at hand-to-hand combat, and has been trained in multiple forms of martial arts such as Nash Ryu Jujutsu, Ninjutsu, Shorin-ryu Karate, Hwa Rang Do, and Chin Na The Punisher has a Kevlar uniform (bright white skull in his chest) which protects him from most gunfire, though he can still suffer concussive injury or penetration from sufficient or repeated impacts.
In Punisher movies or in comics the action scenes are barbaric. The Punisher kills people using ll sort of brutal ways: he breaks bones, snaps necks, stabs opponents with knives, switchblades, spears, and other sharp instruments, impales bad guys with a crossbow, blows others away with his bazooka, smash some muscle guys while driving a bus, and even uses the Yakuza's own ancient Samurai weapons to dispatch them.
The Punisher has cuts and bruises on his face, knuckles and the back of his head, and is wearing boots, jeans and a simple black shirt – an outfit reminiscent of Matt Murdock’s plain and practical vigilante costume from the first season of Daredevil.
Punisher goes on a rampage killing off every superhero in the Marvel Universe. When he meets Wolverine he stabs him with his own claws and throws him into an electrical panel. The electricity fries him to a skeleton. But in another scene fight you can watch him bests the Punisher in a pointless, totally left-field battle during which a whole lot of dire, macho pap is spouted. At the end of the fight, a stack of men's muscle mags slips out of the Punisher's rucksack Frank Castle Punisher shoots Logan's testicles off and mows him down with a steamroller . It’s the ultimate emasculation of the muscled hyper-virile Alpha Male! Frank Castle blows Wolverine's face off with a shotgun, shoots Logan's testicles off and mows him down with a steamroller!
His next target is Daken, Wolverine’s son, who he found in an elevator and brutally beats him down but he’s forced to retreat because his vitals have become low and he goes to take his medication, maybe those roids that make him mad crazy. Frank just drags Daken into a trap and leaves him impaled by spikes in a pit.
Daken and the Punisher have one of the most brutal comic book throwdowns in Comics history. Knives to the head, throats being cut, lips being bit off! And, then, comes one of the most intense scenes : moving in close, Dark Wolverine stabs Punisher through the gut. Punisher bites off Daken's lower lip.
The fight is bloody. Pun gets some good shots in but he's dealing with a mutant with a healing factor. While Daken's injuries are already healing up, Frank's wounds are just slowing him down and weakening him. The blood loss alone should have dropped him. He takes stabs wounds to the arm, slices to the face and neck, and eventually loses his right arm completely. That's not the only thing he'll be losing tonight. It's hard to get Punisher to stop even when he's seriously losing. He still has a knife in his left hand but before he can do anything with it, that arm is taken away from him as well. With that, Frank drops to the ground. The fight has left him. Daken isn't done just yet.”Relax, I wont cut anything ull miss...”
Daken is going to literally cut Castle into pieces , gonna be the death of Frank Castle at the hands of Daken- Frank Castle brutally murdered and cut into pieces by Daken, the evil son of Wolverine!
At a construction site, Daken starts by shooting him and blowing him up with grenades, seemingly just for kicks. Then the mutant closes to hand to hand range, where he pummels Punisher mercilessly into a pulp, slashing him across the chest. Then he picks up Frank and toss him into a nearby S.W.A.T. vehicle with full force. Rushing towards him, Frank calls him a son of a bitch. Slamming him up against a wall Daken jams his claws into Frank’s chest and challenges Frank. Barely able to stand, almost defeated, Frank, knowing that this is his last stand, teases Daken and a final battle ensues..Matching Daken blow for blow, his one knife against Daken's claws, the two opponents literally slice each other up before Castle eventually receives a fatal blow but… is then dismembered alive! A manly stud guy with guns and knives faces off against an expertly-trained super-powered mutant killer on a rainy rooftop and gets viciously dismembered!
Dark Wolverine breaks his leg, slices his throat open, hacks off a limb, and cuts him into pieces with the ease of an industrial meat slicer, cutting Punisher down into bits and pieces .Daken goes berserk and cuts the side of Franks face up, cuts his throat, cuts his arm off, then Frank was down. Daken then finishes Punisher, slices his head off, arms, legs, and torso.Daken cuts the Punisher’s head off. One slice. And, then his torso, and arms… and the Punisher is left lying as a messy, wet pile of body parts.
Yeah! After a bloody round of hand-to-hand combat, Daken dismembers and decapitates Castle before kicking his remains from a rooftop. Punishers fight with Daken was pretty brutal and the manly Vigilante , full geared in his swat-like uniform and combat boots :
1.Gets shot in the leg 2.Had a broken leg (sewage also fills the hole in his calf) 3.get impaled through the stomach by Dakens claws 4.Stabbed in the chest 5.kicked in the face 6.Stabbed through the wrist 7.Gets half his face cut off 8.his throat slashed 9.Both his arms chopped off

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Cobra review

Posted : 8 years, 2 months ago on 27 January 2016 04:52 (A review of Cobra)

Leather motorcycle boots. Extra tight fit blue jeans, black shirt, covered by a black coat, a pair of leather gloves. A 3 day growth five o’clock shadow of stubble. A mirrored pair of aviator sunglasses. Cobra is a hyper-masculine cop in steroids. Head-to-Toe, Cobra is the essence of male who sticks his pistol in his tight jeans waistband, whre u can see the snake on the pistol grip -like there’s a huge snake coming out of his pants. This Renegade cop gonna battle axe-wielding psychos, because there is a gang terrorizing L.A. whose members use axes and knives instead of guns and love to slash cops to ribbons. It’s the New Order murder-gang , headed by a hulking man called the Night Stalker (Brian Thompson) Brian Thompson in this movie is always glowering, sweating and sharpening a series of lethal, elaborate knives, brass knuckles handle with spikes embedded on it and a huge curved blade with a skull embossed on its side. Night Slasher is literally a slasher who walks around and slices open men throughout the night with a massive knife with spikes coming off of it.After killing people , they meet in abandoned warehouses to beat axes and shovels together while chanting about the New World order like in a crazed Satanic, fascist ritual.There’s a motorcycle mayhem at a motel: bullet-ridden chaos. A motorcyclist drives through the wall before Sly shoots him between his eyes thru the visor helmet. This leads to a massive action scene, where Cobra rides in the back of a pick-up truck, blasting attackers off their bikes. Cobra chase the gang thugs .Shoot them. Stab them. Stab them and then shoot them. Run them over. Set them on fire. Drop them off buildings...by shooting them. Blow them up. Blow them up some more. Pistol whip them, even impale them. There is tons of blood and violence!. We get tons of extremely bloody gunshot wounds, knife in the leg, self mutilation, violent crashes, a guy gets burnt up in flames, gory impaling, and nasty corpses. After decimating every member except for the Night Slasher, Cobra engage in a hand-to-hand fight inside the steel mill with the Alpha Villain Slasher! Night Stalker awaiting Cobra, his arms at his side and chest heaving ! In all its shiny, bloody, sweaty. testosterone over-load, bare chested Stallone goes mano a mano with 'Night Slasher', Brian Thompson!Thompson, in this role, looks almost like a Cro-Magnon man, his jaw is heavily pronounced and he seems to have a surplus of testosterone which contributes to his bestial appearance. That jaw says the word "PIG!" (with a bunch of slobber and cuds shooting out of his mouth, might I add.) and Thompson grunts, snorts, and has a virile bellowing voice. Compared to Thompson, the well-muscled Stallone appears rather smaller. Cobra and the Night Stalker's are soaked in testosterone overdrive, which leads to violence and insanity. The two titans of masculinity dux it out like the monsters they are, in a factory that manufactures lava, exchanging blow-for-blow in a brutal showdown in an old foundry surrounded metal pipes, chains, fire and pits of molten lava ,a perfect scenario. The two engage in macho fisticuffs, dripping in testosterone ,the movie shows Stallone at the height of his grunting, alpha male powers. The two of them go head-to-head in the fight of their lives. For a while, it looks as though the Night Slasher might overpower Cobra with his knife. But Cobra manages to get back up on his boots and starts punching the hell out of the Night Slasher and finishing him off in the most brutal macho alpha stallion style...In the film’s climax, the, Night Slasher calls Cobra a pig at least four dozen times before finally demanding “take me in. Pig.” Let's bleed pig! I want your eyes pig! I want them! You want to go to hell? Huh, pig? You want to go to hell with me? It doesn't matter, does it? We are the hunters. We kill the weak so the strong survive. You can't stop the New World. Your filthy society will never get rid of people like us. It's breeding them! WE ARE THE FUTURE!”The psychotic killer snarls:“Where are you, pig? I want your eyes, pig. I want them.” Night Slasher taunts Cobra with such a number of insults that drive Cobra insane and he explode in hyper violence and impales the guy on a dangling hook !He hoist the Night Slasher up into the air and impales him on a giant metal hook that just happens to be passing them by. Now all the Night Slasher can do is flail his arms about and grip his big knife with rage as he slowly dies. Bastard psycho will not only suffer a death by impalement, but he'll be burned alive as well! It’s the right climax for COBRA! They battle it out in a display of aggressive and violent manliness. Cobra sets a dude on fire after a psycho-on-psycho muscle combat with all that back and forth between Cobra and Night Slasher over who will penetrate whom with what! The conclusion is gruesome and sadistically violent. Stallone impales the villain on a massive hook and pushes him, while Thompson wails and convulse in agony. Holy shit!!! Night Slasher being impaled in the back by a large hook and burned alive by the stubble Cobra!! Graphic close-ups of the Night Slasher's wound after he is impaled on the hook and Cobra repeatedly forcing the hook deeper into him as he screams in pain, kicking his big army boots in the air! Impalement is the only way to destroy a hyper-alpha male stud - just like Van Damme did to Fender on Cyborg, Dolph to Trever Goddard in Men of War , or Arnie did to Bennet on Commando! The great final 20 minutes can be compared to the explosive finals of those movies in a celebration of brash masculinity and thumping aggression. Out come the chains, with those two leather-clad studs calling each other “pig” during chain play. Thompson who, finally stuck on Sly’s steel, wails and claws pointlessly at the point of penetration in his back as he is dragged to immolation in orgasmic climax!

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Near Dark review

Posted : 8 years, 3 months ago on 12 January 2016 07:27 (A review of Near Dark)

Ferocious thoroughly tough and testosterone-loaded vampire-modern cowboy top-notch adrenaline-fuelled pulse-pounder action hard-edged, violent movie!
From beginning to end, Caleb (Adrian Pasdar as a James Dean-type ) is always all cowboyed out with boots with rowel spurs, hat, cigarette, and manly stud attitude.
Young cowboy Caleb is the male predator till he find Severen, a careless, ruthless biker/cowboy who becomes the dominant alpha (even more than Henriksen), full of sexy, cocksure swagger. Bill Paxton plays Severen, a guy that really enjoys killing other guys for the sheer pleasure of killing, he lives for the love of carnage and the endless feast of total destruction. Caleb is suddenly lusting for male victims' blood. So, Bill Paxton drags him into a roadside biker bar, picks a fight, and demands that his target hit Caleb instead. When the guy does, Bill Paxton wipes blood of Caleb's face and licks it off his fingers in obvious sexual innuendo. Taken by lust and adrenaline, he kills many patrons around to impress Caleb - Severen delights in slaughtering the redneck cowboys at the bar and you can tell Bill Paxton is loving every minute of it as well,how horny he is while using boot spurs to slit a man´s throat!... Later, impressed with Caleb stamina, Paxton gonna give him one of his spurs, like a cavalry stud receiving his manly battle spur of honor. The biker bar massacre is an incredibly violent scene, oozing visceral gore and a graphic violence and bloodshed as never seen before and deserve more details…The best scene is by far the bar slaughter with that Severens' spur to the neck slaughter. It’s a classic : Bill Paxton slicing necks with the spurs of his boots in the bar, in a very rugged and gritty western way. He is a killer of man, pure and raw, and breathing testosterone. The slaughter in the bar show Paxton in the most swift brutality against all those virile studs around in a twisted sort of way. Many of them wearing long coats and dusters and with spurs at the heels of their boots too. The murders and the slain ones are both sadistic and gruesome! Always showing a perverse bloody sensuality, always showing bloodsucking as a sexual climax action, the movie reach unrestrained and rampant orgasmic climax.

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Turkey Shoot review

Posted : 8 years, 3 months ago on 6 January 2016 04:24 (A review of Turkey Shoot)

Navy SEAL Rick (Dominic Purcell) is pulled to star in “Turkey Shoot,” a to-the-death game show where he gonna be hunted by some of the world’s most ruthless killers. He projects a square-headed machismo, keeps his mouth shut, and kills people without a blink, slaughtering rival contestants with names like Golgotha , Alpha, Haakon and Armageddon. He even kills Navy SEALs real good.The combats with Alpha and Haakon deserved more detailed scenes, so u cud watch all the brutality on them. Alpha studs like those muscled and raw enemies deserved to be filmed in agonizing throes, with shattered bones and bleeding mouths! Take that Haakon mercenary (Ian Roberts), in leather biker pants, combat boots and shirtless, exposing powerful muscles. He get into a wild fight with Purcell, in obvious bloodlust moaning battle. But Purcell turn the tables and finish the bastard pummeling his skull to pulp with a hammer! U can see his body arched in agony struggle, those bulging leather jeans in bursting ... ! Or Alpha (Rick Tonna) , the beheaded warrior. We shud see better his agony and his struggle to get free. Or even the decimated SEALS, shud be something like the shower room scene on The Rock movie. Only that way we cud talk about a testosterone fueled action movie !

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Wolverine review

Posted : 8 years, 3 months ago on 5 January 2016 06:05 (A review of Wolverine)

Any Wolverine movie is visceral and bloody, filled with copious amount of blood and guts, with a big list of graphic violence –Logan is "shot and stabbed and cut almost clean through. He falls from huge heights and is shot full of harpoon-like arrows. People are savagely hurt and brutally killed with bullets blade or arrows, decimated corpses all over.
Wolverine vs Hulk - Wolverine explains to Colossus that the Hulk had ripped off the lower half of his body, leaving him disemboweled : "after I healed from that, you should have seen what I did to the Hulk... it was epic. We finally meet once again in a devastated New York City. The Hulk said " Hulk gonna tore you in half again!", and I replied with brutal strike on him!..., "
Wolverine loses control and starts to savagely attack! Wolverine actually wins the first battle, by hacking away at the brute's chest and leaving him lying down, with his guts all opened. But due to the Hulk's amazing healing factor, he stands up again and continues the fight. Both savages go nuts and engage in a back and forth in the most brutal bloodfest that both seem to enjoy, moaning and grunting until The Hulk rips off Wolverine in two!
Colossus vs Wolverine – some think that Colossus is much stronger then Wolverine, and it wasn't too clear if wolverine has the physical strength to penetrate Colossus's skin, even though adamantium can penetrate through steel. But also : Wolverine does not get hurt...his neck was broken! And if Wolverine isn't still dead, hell just grab his unconscious body on legs and smash him on the walls.
Puisher vs Wolverine - Frank Castle Punisher shoots Logan's testicles off and mows him down with a steamroller . It’s the ultimate emasculation of the muscled hyper-virile Alpha Male
Colossus vs Wolverine – he can break Wolverine neck right away and getting him pretty much dead. If Colossus is able to hit Wolverine a few times with his gigantic steel fists, Wolverine will go down.
Wolverine vs Deathstroke - He got over-powered to the point on insanity Wolverine would eventually just end up killing an exhausted deathstroke.
Sabretooth vs Wolverine - Sabretooth went wild with animal lust, fighting Logan with all the strength of his 6'6", 275lbs muscled bulk frame. He felt a rush of power come over him, having his long time rival beneath him, his face in the ground, in total submission. Logan was too exhausted to fight back. He was barely conscious when he heard the triumph crys of Sabretooth, ready to the death strike on him. Gripping Logan by the hair again, turned him face to face, looking him in his eyes."Yur dead, Logan! " He hoist Logan and braces for behead him with his sharp claws…Wolverine felt the burning within himself begin to explode. The pressure exploded in his temple, causing him to yell an ear piercing scream as razor sharp bones (resembling claws) pierced through his knuckles. On instinct, Wolverine swung his fists, catching Sabretooth across the face with his new weapons. Sabretooth howled in pain, as the blood began to pour from his face. He released his grip on Wolverine, start convulsing in death throes, with his skull impaled by Wolverine claws!
Wolverine and Kenuichio Harada ( Silver Samurai) slashing and stabbing each other apart Both land plenty of brutal strikes and Silver Samurai was able to run Wolverine through with one of his swords. However Wolverine grabbed the Samurai by his right forearm and severed his hand at the wrist with his claws, leaving the Samurai kneeling on the floor at his mercy, Harada bent over with Wolverine claws piercing his armor, stabbed in the chest brutally.

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Dark of the Sun review

Posted : 8 years, 3 months ago on 4 January 2016 04:20 (A review of Dark of the Sun)

Having been an amateur boxing champion prior to his venture into acting presented Taylor with the vigour and physicality to do his own action scenes in some of his nerve wrecking action films. When “DOTS” was filmed, Taylor, with natural hand-eye coordination, was in excellent shape for the terrific action scenes of the rugged, hard-boiled Curry which he did all by himself with exemplary flair, earning rave reviews from his fans as a role tailor-made for him. In fact, the audience loved Taylor for being capable to portray roles which demanded virility and dynamism. The six-foot four, solidly built Jim Brown is the hard-bitten mercenary Sgt. Ruffo. The macho counterpart of Curry Brown reeked of testosterone. Well-built with imposing physical features, and moving with the undulating grace of a big panther, the sheer splendour of his physical presence filled the screen.
Rod Taylor and Jim Brown lead an army of tough, hardened mercenaries, physically fit and including a wild-card member of the team, a sadistic Nazi psycho. As a mercenary, he really "enjoys his work. He and Taylor develop a vicious enmity and finally go at it 'mano a mano'. In an action sequence that reaches the limits of alpha male rage, the two studs wrestles whilst dangling from vines and struggling in river water, until Curry first disables Henlein, breaking his arm and almost drowning him, before stabbing him to death. It’s the traditional action-revenge finale . Rod Taylor is the virile, tough guy slaughtering a German murderer to avenge Brown .
Testosterone levels are huge, this is one movie where the testosterone is heavy, everyone sweats a lot , brown muscles glistening at the sun. Lots of brutal scenes : white Afrikaner merc gets captured by the horde and is bent over a pool table without his pants in hardcore brutality, the white guy being doused with gasoline while being dragged from a motorcycle …It’s a mindless action flick with plenty of blood spilled

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The Condemned review

Posted : 8 years, 3 months ago on 3 January 2016 04:29 (A review of The Condemned)

Two hours of non stop graphic violence, ass-kicking violence and head smashing, skull crashing brawls ,pulse-pounding action, muscular fighters beating the fucking crap out of each other in a brutal mayhem, hard-hitting, entrenched in realism, tough guy lines and very VIOLENT SCENES. no holds barred, ultra-violent bloodbath. Ten criminals dropped on a island, a survival games starts and studs are stabbed, necks are broken. One of the ten actually does die straight away; he is mistakenly thrown off the plane and ends impaled on a huge spike on the ground. Nathan Jones was killed too soon in the film. He's so huge, it would of been great to see it come down to Steve Austin, Nathan Jones, and Vinnie Jones in the end.!!!
The Condemned is a porn film with violence standing in for sex to those biggest, toughest man alive. Steve Austin is a bald mountain of muscle. He looks like, if you punched him, you'd break your hand. But also the others , lets see: Yasantwa jams a broken tree branch into an oponents neck . A guard holds a gun on Jack who grabs and disarms that man. He then shoots that man several times while bent over (we see the bloody holes exit out of the back of the guard's clothing). McStarley and Paco exchange punches and other blows during a fight. McStarley then slices Paco's arm, breaks his knee, and then has him chained to a tree. The Russian is pitted against three other prisoners. He fends off their attacks while delivering brutal blows to their faces and bodies. He smashes one back against a wall, apparently breaks the neck of another, and then lifts one up by the neck against a wall. Jack knocks the feet out from under The Russian and then exchanges brutal blows with him, while the Russian also gets him in a bear hug. The mayhem is brutal, entrenched in realism punches land hard and the bodies land harder

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The Expendables review

Posted : 8 years, 3 months ago on 30 December 2015 06:22 (A review of The Expendables)

MANGASM: Occurs at a time of intense scenes of violence and action, culminating in a euphoric orgasmic sensation. EXPENDABLES picks up increasing amounts of steam as it barrels toward it’s explosive finale. This entire movie was conceived to be the ultimate masculine stud fantasy, Stallone manages to give every action fan everything he could want in one movie. Explosive, orgasmic non stop fighting of all those action men together in one screen. Jet Li fight Dolph Lundgren ! Stone Cold Steve Austin beating the hell out of Sylvester Stallone! Gary Daniels savagely killed with a boot down onto his neck! Scott Adkins getting beheaded after a brutal body combat with Stallone! Jason Statham beats the crap out of a group of guys, throws knives and wields a sword. Jet Li and Dolph Lundgren have this epic, kick ass fight, Stallone gets his ass kicked by Stone Cold Steve Austin, Randy Couture and Austin get this bloodied fight gruesome graphic violence that helped make him a star in the first place. Body parts fly as bullets pierce them, heads roll from swords, we see bodies explode, hear blood curdling screams when Terry Crews takes a loud, testosterone birthed rifle and shoots people with bullets that seem to pierce all matter. More people are stabbed, shot, punched, kicked, thrown into brick walls and at one point a guy is shot and stabbed at the same time.

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Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle review

Posted : 8 years, 4 months ago on 23 December 2015 03:42 (A review of Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle)

****** BEST SCENE ON MOVIE *******
The muscle ripped surfer shows up on a dirt bike, full motocross geared and torso naked. You can see that a motocross race gonna start, a deadly one, where only the tuffest will survive.
Lots of extreme enduro chase-fight scene,a ferocious and deadly motocross race in which bikes collide and explode during mid-air back flips. During the race, a racer wipes out, another crashes and his bike explodes burning him alive, a savage biker kicks at others while flying through the air on their bikes. That guy, Thin Man (Crispin Glover) use a blade in his motocross boot to stab hot surfer stud Emmers (Rodrigo Santoro) in the chest, killing him brutally.

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