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Hunt to Kill review

Posted : 8 years, 2 months ago on 10 December 2015 02:53 (A review of Hunt to Kill)

This is action cinema as it should be filmed where Austin is shot, stabbed, beaten, thrown off a cliff, almost drowned, almost blown up, kicked in the nards, and abused in every conceivable way, like a true action movie badass should be. And also with the brutal one-on-one fight between Austin and Daniels reach high score on mano-a-mano slugfests .Every punch and roundhouse kick is filmed to maximum effect. Gary Daniels and Steve Austin face off and they have a phenomenal fight scene. Where Daniels uses his martial arts skills , Austin use brute strength.
The fight began when Austin shoots Daniels with an arrow on his backpack? Why not through the neck or head? Simply coz Austin lust for blood and male violence, he needs to go into a brutal combat man-to-man with the virile Daniels. Set supremacy between alpha males. Release al that testosterone steam. And the film's highlight is that fight between Austin and Daniels, with lots of gravel-throated fuck-you’s, which ends with a stick fight. Austin finishes Daniels off by sticking the branch through his chest and he says "Stick Around" just like Schwarzenegger did in PREDATOR. The alpha warrior hero impaling criminals with large pointy sticks as he spears Daniels through the torso with a sharp tree branch! Climactic fight to the death very physical and choreographed extremely well! Just two men beating the crap out of each other, exploding stamina and testosterone, oozing sexual violence desire on tat hyper-masculine primal duel.

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The Perfect Weapon review

Posted : 8 years, 2 months ago on 10 December 2015 12:49 (A review of The Perfect Weapon)

Jeff Speakman's in "The Perfect Weapon" is electric from start to finish. Starts with Speakman working out, shirtless, exhibing his muscular torso. Than Jeff Speakman in tight jeans and boots, standing outside in his blue western-style shirt, leaning against a post, smoking a Marlboro. Speakman grew up wearing cowboy hats and cowboy .
Jeff naturally takes on multiple opponents , cleaning up nasties Koreans and he beats, punch, knocks, kicks. The film packs lots of violence, action-filled, thrills, and fierce combats with spectacular fighting. And Speakman always with his cowboy boots, he even put knives inside the boot shaft, he even chokes a guy to death by scissoring his neck between his boots, forcing the guy to die with his hands clawing those boots …
But it's the confrontation with the powerful man-made mountain that is Professor Toru Tanaka we are waiting for. This might not happen until the end, but it's a crackling showdown in its set-up and an unforgettable adversary frenetic combat is bruising in the beatings. Strong, quick and furiously to the point. Watch as Speakman kicks hard with his cowboy boot , shattering the huge fukkr kneecaps! This comt a ultimate alpha male showdown. They roar , they kick, the huge anaka even bearhug Speakman almost snaping his spine. Great movie, great fights!

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The Rock review

Posted : 8 years, 2 months ago on 8 December 2015 11:04 (A review of The Rock)

Action testosterone fueled movie where muscular bodies crash through glass windows in slow motion, fall through glass ceilings or are impaled on some kind of pointed spikes or the number of deaths by slow-motion exploding squib charges.
A crack unit of Navy SEALs is ordered to retake the island, but they are ambushed by the marines, and all but two of the party are killed in a firefight. A team of SEALS into the lower systems of Alcatraz only to be violently ambushed Once on the island, the SEALS, as predicted, are crap and get killed instantly. The team of Navy Seals barely make it inside the prison when things take a dramatic turn for the worse. They are surrounded by General Hummel's Marines in the prison's shower room and mercilessly massacred. SEALS will never surrender and the Marines will never withdraw their weapons. Marine and SEAL are brothers of each other and they kill each other like enemies. Delusion that these jack-offs alpha males are anglo-saxon supermen impervious to bullets, reminds of a Vietnam operation, when a regiment of tough rangers was wiped out by a platoon of Soviet special forces in a narrow valley.

Michael Biehn is at his best, delivering yet another astonishing performance as a Navy SEAL and he and Ed Harris hit the orgasmic climax of the film on the shower room fight. A scene in the Alcatraz shower room where all of the Navy studs are brutally killed in a massacre that General Hummel tries desperately to stop. The slaughter of the heroic Navy Seal Crack Insertion Team patrol of Navy SEAL's are badly killed in the name of their country, the SEAL's are predictably wiped out. It’s a scene where ALL the Navy Seals pile up in that one room, all strung up for one big massacre, bracing for manly death! Michael Biehn as the tough Navy SEAL Team Leader who refuses to stand down, crawling through the carnage as his team are being massacred, still firing. .The mercenary marines were especially cool in their crazed bloodlust. That bathroom scene when all the Navy SEALS get slaughtered with all the slow motion it’s a scene that goes hardcore - commanders going back and forth with endless military jargon, foam dripping from their mouths like beasts in heat, climaxing in a massive shoot out!

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No Retreat, No Surrender 2 review

Posted : 8 years, 4 months ago on 20 October 2015 04:37 (A review of No Retreat, No Surrender 2)

American kickboxers fight Soviet killing machines. This movie marked the debuts of Loren Avedon and Matthias Hues.
A helicopter touches down to much pomp and circumstance – this is the Soviet end boss,Yuri (Matthias Hues) -- a monstrous Russian ,proud brutal Alpha Male in full soviet uniform, polished tall black boots shinning as much as the golden star belt buckle !
Eventually, Avedon engage Hues in a fight to the death - Scott encounter Yuri. Yuri is bested and his demise is, perhaps, the Greatest Movie Death of All Time. Get this: Scott is obviously overmatched despite his awesome Midwestern Tae Kwon Do education, but he manages to get a few lucky breaks, and ultimately kills the heavy by throwing a Soviet flag over his head, tying a rope around the guy’s neck, and dragging him with a jeep into the crocodile pit.
Yuri is dragged, by his neck, showing off his powerful boots in a Jeep being driven by Scott. Scott sling shots Yuri into the pool of alligators. Yuri, not one to be intimidated by enraged reptiles, begins pulling the jeep towards the pool. Scott, sensing his impending doom, leaps from the jeep -- first making sure that the gas tank is full. Yuri then pulls the jeep on top of himself, while being gnawed on by alligators that start eating him by his boots!
If you enjoy Matthis Hues, who plays the villain and usually a good one in most martial arts films (Kickboxer 2, Talons of The Eagle, Blackbelt, Death Match) you will love him in NRNS2

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Blood for Blood review

Posted : 8 years, 4 months ago on 11 October 2015 06:51 (A review of Blood for Blood)

Hot death of alpha male cop Jeff Griggs! Aroused and hard with the presence of the hot chick hes dating, Griggs try to hold thebrutal attack of the ninja butcher . No way ! he get slaughterd bu the guy , and he die on his jeans and those poity black boots he always wear! DIE ON HIS PRIME... DIE REAL HARD, YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!

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Men of War review

Posted : 8 years, 4 months ago on 27 September 2015 11:31 (A review of Men of War)

The movie gets back on track with a rousing climactic battle in which people are dispatched with bullets, grenades and bazookas. The action scenes are spectacular and thrilling, even if most of it is held off until the climax. But what a climax! The last half-hour is non-stop mayhem, with shootouts, explosions, knifings, and fisticuffs taking place all over the island. For my money, this is the best B-movie battle since Arnold took on all those Latino soldiers in Commando.The main villain is Trevor Goddard (as Keefer), who starts his first fight with Lundgren by kissing him. That could be a cultural thing, but the way Mr. Goddard caresses Lundgren's shoulders after the fight looks like he wants to take it to another level. The other interesting thing about this fight is that Lundgren is not allowed to hit back, so Goddard just beats him until he drips blood. In a later re-match, Lundgren gets to punch Goddard. Lundgren and the men get to show their well-developed chests throughout
It all culminates with an exceptional one-on-one scuffle between Dolph as Nick and Trevor Goddard as Nick's rival Keefer (who appears to recall Vernon Wells' Bennett from Commando). Lundgren doesn't really get to show off his martial arts moves until his mano-a-mano battle with Goddard, but it's a damn good showdown that wraps the action up on an exciting note.Both alpha male stud warriors fight with extreme arousement , wild exceted with the violence, possessed by brutality lust. Moaning, grunting, roaring like alpha male beasts in heat, there's lot of blood is spilt during the climax, which should satiate action enthusiasts and gore hounds.Bare-knuckled head to head against the rock-hard Trevor Goddard,Lundgren dispatches heinous villain Kiefer after a long and brutal fight by shoving an old piece of human bone up through his jaw and out his mouth. Gruesome, but vintage Lundgren finisher. Impaled in the head through the jaw with a broken bone by Dolph Lundgren (who then finishes him off by drowning him) during the end of a fight between them.

This is a helluva violent film. There is LOTS of violence. We get lots of bloody beatings, TONS of very bloody gunshot wounds,chopped off hand, bloody gunshot wound to the head, with blood and brains spurting, knife in the shoulder, 2 severed heads, stick jammed in the chin and out the head, and lots of bloody bodies.

Last half hour is all out war with some of the best bad guy deaths you’ll eve see. A broken bone shoved through the bottom of a jaw. Somebody hung on a boat rotor then dragged out to sea. People blown up with rocket launchers. Are you sold yet? I love that last fight between Dolph and Goddard brutal and powerful.pretty good fight scene between Lundgren and the late Trevor Goddard, who struck me as looking like Colin Farrell on roids.

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Deadly Prey review

Posted : 8 years, 5 months ago on 26 September 2015 05:42 (A review of Deadly Prey)

Guns! Muscles! Explosions!piece of testosterone-fueled cinema and best watched while consuming an excessive amount of Testosterone supplements!oiled-up shirtlessness, INTENSE GRUNTING, and some of the tamest violence ever committed on movies
In his search to finally find a worthwhile opponent, Lieutenant Thornton kidnaps the athletically built Mike Danton. Big mistake, as Mickey once was an unstoppable Vietnam warrior himself. Danton exterminates about ten dozens of mercenaries.Armed only with a pair of cut off shorts, his mightily muscled frame and his fists Mike Danton proceeds to wipe out every single one of his hunters in a myriad of wild and brutal ways including breaking their backs against trees, impaling them with twigs thru their muscular torsos spearing them and my very favourite bit at the end when Danton slices off an opponents arm with his machete before beating the guy to death with his own severed limb!!! To top it all off our man then scalps him!!!
Danton is cornered by a moustached merc who he knocks out easily enough and then PICKS HIM UP and then SLAMS him against a tree, breaking his back. Oh yeah, he also knocks out another huge muscular merc with the fakest looking prop of an apparently thick tree log . Last but not least, Danton faces off with a muscular blonde Danton-lookalike merc who carries a huge machete. On his back, Danton defends himself with what’s lying around – it’s a STICK! – and yes, he stabs the stick through the blonde muscular merc with the swiftness of a sword. The blond muscled merc ly there over Danton body, convulsing in orgasmic dath spasms, boots kicking on agony throes!
All this after tie a rope up to a tree which, when an enemy steps on it, ties a knot around the enemies leg, picks him up, and throws him 50 metres into a bunch of spikes.
Also not forgetting the pitiful over-dubbed screams from Col. Hogan (DANTAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNN!) and the brutal manly death of evil alpha henchman Lt. Thornton (Fritz Matthews). No-one can wear Aviator shades and a muscle t-shirt like this guy!

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US Seals 2 review

Posted : 8 years, 5 months ago on 25 September 2015 03:28 (A review of US Seals 2)

All I need to hear is "no guns" and I get excited about the brutality that gonna be on those close combats!
While hunting for the rogue ex-SEAL's control room, Casey and his buddies get ambushed.All of them, full uniformed SEAL manly soldiers, BIG TIME ambushed. Dozens of Russian mercenaries surround the team. A huge battle takes place between the SEAL team and Ratliff's mercenaries. By the time it is over, all of the rank and file mercenaries are dead, but so are most of the good guys.
The scene the Seals going up against Ratliff and his men, is the best scene in the movie to these eyes. Ratliff stands up high on a ledge ,then calls on his 'army' to attack. As it's a no-gun policy, his 20 strong team encircle the good guys and much arse kicking ensues. It rocks samurai swords, brutal boots kicking, knives, lead pipes and fists. The Major got finished manly way: while using his sword , he takes two samurai sharp blades at once on his abs!. We watch him grabbing the blades with his SAP gloves and fall on his knees slowly, teeth grit and roaring like a tiger.
The violence is fast and always brutal. There are at least three guys that get swords through their stomachs, and the act of seppuku in the first act. That being said, it's 90 minutes of hardcore action !
In addition : expert Michael Worth, Andy Cheng ("Rush Hour 2"), Mitch Gould ("Ultraviolet"), Dan Southworth ("Power Rangers Time Force"), Marshall Teague (Road House), and Hakim Alston (Mortal Kombat) light up the screen with their amazing talents. Imagine a battle royal between Jean-Claude Van Damme and Jeff Speakman, Tony Jaa following a Bruce Lee movie marathon, a young Chuck Norris had he grown up watching Jet Li, and Donnie Yen if he traded in his wushu moves for ninjutsu: that best describes film's action content for those of you who don't know what to expect.

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Solo (1996) review

Posted : 8 years, 5 months ago on 25 September 2015 01:03 (A review of Solo (1996))

In the title role of "Solo," action-adventure, Mario Van Peebles-- head shaved and his body buffed to the max, pumped hard and getting into shape and the poster really shows off Mario's physique, stomach, abs, chest, biceps, it's all pure steel!
One of the manliest scenes on the movie is the fight Van Peebles / William Sadler
Colonel Madden: [to Solo who is holding the Colonel horizontally above his head] How's it gonna feel if you kill me?
Solo: Good question, let's find out.
then CRRACCCCKKKTTT ! drops the Colonel on his knee, breaking his spine with a crunch. Colonel roars loud and his sap gloved hands convulse as well as his combat boots in orgasmic agony!

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Commando review

Posted : 8 years, 5 months ago on 25 September 2015 12:53 (A review of Commando)

"I eat green berets for breakfast!" COMMANDO -final intense confrontation, over the top alpha male energy of the final showdown. Pure awesomeness! final intense confrontation with Bennett, discarding the guns and rocket launchers, instead a fight of strength and blades. Huge biceps, explosions and guns really bloody there is a seen where a arm gets chopped off but other than that there is throat slitting parts . Shootings. Necks slit. Chests stabbed. Arms hacked off. Explosions. Explosions. Explosions. Death testosterone dripping action fest!!
The first shot of Arnie features close-ups of his sweaty biceps as a pompous sax solo plays with steel drums. And then we meet Bennett. Australian accent, creepy mustacle, crew cut, a chain mail vest over a black t-shirt, a tight belt, black leather pants, tucked into tall black boots. He stands over Arnold caressing a giant knife as he looks over him.
Judging by the look on his face when Matrix tells him to "put the knife in me" at the end, challenging Bennet to a knife fight causes him to orgasm violently. it’s like sex with an orgasm at the end of it!

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